Dallas Fort Worth Foundation Repair

Concrete Slab and Pier and Beam Repairs

Foundation Repair in Anna Texas can be tricky because Anna has a high clay content and piers can be driven as deep as 25 feet in some areas. We use steel piers when we need to get down to reach bedrock for these areas with volatile soil. Foundation repair costs can run as low as $2,350 for a small 10 pier installation and can run up to $15,000 or more on larger homes requiring extensive pier work. We repair pier and beam foundations and can shim and adjust your existing piers to level the floors if the piers are still in good condition. We can replace any rotten or damaged lumber, install any necessary crawl space vents and correct any drainage issues.  No job to big or small so give Dallas Fort Worth Foundation Repair a call! Free Inspections to Anna residents.  

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