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Foundation Maintenance Tips

Foundation Maintenance

The cost of foundation maintenance can be minimal and requires little time and effort. Following
these tips might save you on foundation repairs in the future.
Tips for Home Foundation Maintenance
● If you see minor cracks in your home, don’t ignore them. Write down where you found
the cracks, and measure how long they are. Check the length of the cracks every couple
of months or so. If the cracks are getting longer, it may be time for you to get a specialist
to inspect your home and your foundation.
● Maintaing constant humidity in the soil around your foundation is necessary in North
Texas. The soil you find all over the Dallas / Fort Worth Metroplex can absorb and lose
considerable amounts of water. During months of heavy rain, the soil will swell up when
it becomes wet. During the summer and other dry months, the soil will shrink. This
constant expansion and contraction places stress on your homes foundation. To prevent
possible damage, we recomend the use of soaker hoses to keep the moisture level
around your foundation uniform and constant. Watering your home’s foundation won’t fix
your current foundation problems, but it will slow down the rate of deterioration of an
existing foundation issue.
● Provide proper drainage away from the foundation and ensure there is no standing
water near the foundation wall or the slab. This will help to keep moisture content around
and underneath the slab and will help to minimize soil movement under the
● Make sure the trees around your home aren’t causing problems for your foundation.
Check with a specialist, especially if the trees around your home are large. Be sure to
water the trees around your home in the dry season. This will prevent adjacent areas of
the soil from having different moisture content, which can cause problems with your
foundation. Don’t be too stingy with the water, as large trees can absorb up to 150
gallons of water.
● Keep the ground elevations of the flower beds around your home 3 to 4 inches below the
top of the slab or the bottom of the brick line. The flower bed should be sloped away
from the foundation for proper drainage. Doing this keeps the moisture from seeping into
the wall system or inside the home.
● Maintain a steady temperature inside your home. This will help prevent (or at least
reduce) the tendency of the concrete slab to expand and contract. That means you
shouldn’t let too long a time pass when you don’t heat or cool your home.
● Check for leaks inside and around your home. This includes checking your sewer line,
potable water lines, and the plumbing system.

Pier & Beam Repair

If you need your pier and beam repair you need to give us a call. We have the best prices and do the repairs better than most companies, actually the BEST!


REALTORS READ PLEASE. IT MIGHT MAKE OR SAVE YOU MONEY! FOUNDATION REPAIR 101 by Dallas Fort Worth Foundation Repair. Do you know how much deflection FHA allows on your clients property? It's one inch over 20 feet. 1/2 inch over 10 feet and 1/4 inch over 5 feet. A. It's important to know this whether your listing or selling. With the use of atmospheric measuring devices which most home inspectors now use a foundation with no visible signs of foundation damage can and will fail the final property inspection. Be sure to have a foundation inspection performed for your clients home prior to listing by a professional foundation repair company. Don't let relationships with your preferred foundation Contractor kill your deal. We come in behind companies charging $450 to $1100 per pier. 10 Piers at some companies is over 10k which is ridiculous. All your doing is paying their huge marketing bill. We just saved a deal for a strong listing agent. The buyer's agent demanded they use her preferred foundation repair company. They submitted a estimate with over $9000 in repairs. The buyers agent wanted this company only to do the repair and would not budge. The Seller said no way. The Listing agent contacted us. A third party engineering firm comes out and inspects the property and designs a repair. We bid the property per the engineer's recommendations and our bid is for less than $4,000 for almost the exact repair the first company had submitted. The Buyers agent still insists on using her preferred foundation repair company or wants a $9000 price reduction. The Listing agent breaks down three transactions as their are 3 offers on this property. She shows the seller the 2nd offer with our Repair nets the seller $4500 more than the first or higher offer. Guess which contract was accepted? Guess which agent lost a sale? Guess who's closing Monday and which Company did the repair? This was a Bad decision on the buying agents part. The buyer lost a good home and this is actually steering which the buyer has a legal ground to file a suit. It's okay to recommend someone because you know they perform. But to make this a deal breaker is not smart from a financial standpoint or a legal standpoint. Call us if you need a home inspected or to bid a repair a engineer has already designed a repair for. We are actually going to be installing the foundation for this sellers new home as we do deliver at a nice price. DallasFortWorthFoundationRepair.Com for your foundation repairs or call us at 469.855.3540 to schedule a free foundation inspection. ‪#‎foundationrepairplano‬ ‪#‎foundationrepaircompanydallas‬ ‪#‎foundationrepaircontractordallas‬

Spring Has Sprung! Get your Foundation Checked!

Excess groundwater can wreak havoc on your soil and foundation!

Drought and excess rain can create havoc on your foundation!

Prolonged drought pits house foundations against deep-rooted trees in a war for water. In North Texas we are usually in drought conditions. This year has been spectacular for rain but this onslaught of water has started to expand soils in areas where there is a high clay content. This has many of the foundations we look displaying signs of upward heaving. In some instances the whole foundation has moved upward uniformalley and the slab is still in a level state. In a lot of the homes this upward movement has not been uniform and the foundations have fractured due to the soil

expansion. We use state of the art measuring equipment that is accurate to 0.02 inches. Based on these floor elevations we can determine quickly if a repair is necessary and we will engineer a repair solution for your homes foundation. If a foundation settles evenly, damage is nil or minimal. But typically moisture levels, sunlight, and landscaping differ on each side of a house, causing soil to dry out and the house to settle unevenly, called “differential settlement.” Let our experts come visually inspect your property and your foundation. We will provide your with a written report within 24 hours of the initial inspection. Call Dallas Fort Worth Foundation Repair at (469) 855-3540 or visit us at

Serving all Collin County Cities

Did you know Dallas Fort Worth Foundation Repair is based out of Collin County? We like nothing more than digging in our own backyard. If you live in the City of Plano give us a call at (469) 855-3540 or visit our website at

The Foundation Repair Process

PIERS FROM $235 PER PIER - (469) 855.3540


Visit us at DallasFort if you are experiencing cracks in your brick, around your doors or windows, or cracking of any tile floors. We can schedule a free no obligation inspection to determine if you do have a foundation problem. Call 469-855-3540 for more information.


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