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Running north/south through the town is State Highway 289 (locally known as Preston Road). It starts near downtown Dallas and terminates near Sherman. Celina is located about equidistant between downtown Dallas and the Oklahoma border. Being mostly farm and ranch land, the terrain is largely open fields on flat-to-gently-rolling terrain. This is farmland and has a fairly high clay content which can cause problems for your homes foundation. It;s important to water your foundation equally and to ensure tree roots are not sucking the moisture out of the ground near your Celina home. Most foundation repairs are found to be caused by improper drainage so it's important to identify why a foundation has failed not just if it failed and how to repair it. Foundation Repair in Celina Texas consist of the installation of piers in some cases and sometime just correcting drainage might repair the issue. Always call a foundation repair expert if you suspect you are having any foundation problems. We offer free foundation inspections to Celina Texas property owners and we offer both commercial and residential repair services.

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