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Dallas Fort Worth Foundation Repair has repaired and installed foundations in both the east and west side of McKinney. We are a fully licensed and insured foundation repair company based in Collin County and we are considered one of the Best Foundation Repair Companies operating in The City of McKinney at this time. McKinney Foundation Repair varies as the terrain and soil in McKinney will change drastically from the east to the west side of town. I have had the opportunity to review soils reports for both sides of the city and on the west side there is a more rocky soil  with layers of shale that are only 12-16 inches below the surface. This type of soil is a very good support for a home foundation. As you move east the terrain gets hilly and the soil has more vertical movement due to a higher clay concentration. There is also a black gumbo in the soil layered within the clay so piers must be driven past these layers until bedrock is found.  Piers must be driven deeper in this type of soil to hit the bedrock or until refusal. It's important to hire a foundation repair contractor who knows soil conditions, understands both how to build a slab and also how to repair a failed foundation. Our management team has over 45 years of combined experience in the make up and repair of foundations in the City of McKinney and the surrounding areas. Call us for a free, no obligation foundation repair inspection.