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When having the best service counts you need to contact Dallas Fort Worth Foundation Repair.  Our company offers foundation repair in Hurst Texas, and most cities througout the DFW metroplex. At Dallas Fort Worth Foundation Repair we service two types of foundations: concrete slabs and pier and beams. If you have structural foundation damage, we can help you.  We are a foundation repair contractor that installs interior and exterior foundation piers that are very effective at lifting your home back to it's original level state. These include pressed concrete foundation piers and steel pilings. While concrete slab foundations often develop problems, so do damp crawl spaces under pier and beam homes. Water, mold and mildew lead to sagging floors and other foundation issues. Crawl space repair may be required. If you have a cracked slab foundation or a pier and beam structure that is heaving, sinking or settling, foundation underpinning may be the answer. In some cases, installing or adjusting foundation shims is all that’s needed.


Misaligned doors, wall cracks, exterior brick cracks and crevices in floors and ceilings are signs of foundation problems. Because expansive clay soils in North Texas expand and contract, they are common causes of foundation issues. Plumbing leaks and excessive amounts of rainwater seeping beneath slab or pier and beam foundations can also create trouble. For that reason, it’s advisable to get a free foundation evaluation. If weather has affected your concrete slab or pier and beam structure be sure to call us so we can send one of our foundation inspectors out. This is a free service.  Our management team is highly experienced in both commercial and residential foundation projects.  Whether you need your house, townhouse, commercial or apartment foundation repaired  we can help. In addition to house leveling, we’re known for installing yard, water and foundation drainage systems such as French drains, surface drains, channel systems and sump pumps. For a company that does top-notch foundation repair Hurst, Euless and Bedford property owners can count on, just pick up the phone and call Dallas Fort Worth Foundation Repair.  We’ll explain more about why foundation repair is commonly needed in most cities and towns in North Texas. We offer free free foundation repair estimates to property owners in the DFW metroplex, plus a lifetime foundation warranty. Call Dallas Fort Worth Foundation Repair if you want a verified Hurst Foundation Repair Contractor to come perform your free foundation and drainage inspection

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