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There is so much soil movement in some parts of  Lewisville it has forced some homeowners to file lawsuits against their builders and the engineering firms who designed their foundations citing faulty foundation design and installation, among other problems. Trial dates have yet to be set. And while those lawsuits remain unresolved, the Denton County Central Appraisal District has declared the homes worthless, dropping the value of neighboring homes as well by sometimes more than $10,000."There are going to be other problems in Castle Hills," he said. "That is the nature of foundation design in the state of Texas." Some homeowners have stated "We have cracks big enough that we can put our hands into them," said Mrs. D****. We have also heard from Mr. Bright who said some of the homeowners' problems could be related to a water pipe in the area that construction crews accidentally severed when the homes were built. It spilled about 3 million gallons of water into the soil before it was repaired, he said. The foundations could also be shifting because of a leaky pool draining water toward the house, or because of plumbing problems, he said.Jim Sartain, president of American Strand Co., which is named in three lawsuits, said an outside water source, not a faulty foundation design, is causing the shifts and cracks. If you are experiencing any signs of soil movement such as crcks in your brick mortar, around doors and windows, cracks in your sheetrock, or hard flooring service please give us a call for a free foundation inspection.

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