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Fixing foundations in Melissa with concrete pressed pilings

We perform foundation repairs throughout Collin County and the use of concrete pressed pilings is the most widely used foundation repair method currently in use in the City of Melissa and other surrounding North Texas Cities. In the last 20 years concrete pressed pilings have become the standard for foundation repair in North Texas. They can be driven down as deep as 35-50 feet. They cut their way through any roots or small rocks on their way to a solid sub-strata. Concrete pilings also have the lowest failure rate of any repair methods currently in use. We also repair pier & beam foundations and we do shim and adjust existing piers. We can replace any damaged lumber in the crawl space and install new piers when necessary. We also correct any drainage issues. We offer a free foundation inspection for Melissa residents. We will assess your property and provide you with the most economical repair option.  We are one of the best foundation repair contractors in Melisa Texas. We have verifiable references and we are fully insured.

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