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We love it when we get a call to inspect a home in one of the Dallas Historic Districts.  Some of the homes we visit have been standing over 100 years. I started my career with a company called Centennial Homes which was a Weyerhauser Real Estate Owned Company who built homes in Dallas during the 1970's through the 1980's.  Their motto was " Built to last 100 Years" and now I get a chance to repair homes that are that age.  We see dozens of pier and beam foundations every year that have bodart stumps for interior piers. Even stones are stacked to support floor joists.  We evaluate every property to see what is necessary to repair these homes.

Homeowners have a choice to just repair and replace any rotten or damaged supports and to leave the interior floors in their natural settled state or we can do a complete replacement of all supports with concrete block and pad units and we will level the floors to the same height when needed or requested. Repairs range from $1500 to shim and adjust piers to a high of $15,000 to completely replace the interior piers and level the floors and to install new piers to raise a sunken perimeter beam. We offer a free property inspection and during this meeting we will inspect the exterior for correct drainage, we measure the interior floor heights to determine if the piers have sunk and we will enter the crawlspace to inspect for damage and to determine if the existing piers can be shimmed. This meeting usually lasts between 30-45 minutes and if repairs are necessary a written proposal with a repair design will be provided to the owner or agent within 24 hours of the initial property inspection.

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